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A Letter From Lorena Alvarado

My name is Lorena Alvarado and I am 27. I am married to a wonderful husband and have two children, a daughter of 7 years and a son that turned 2 on the day of my operation.

The life I had before was very complicated since I was not able to enjoy my family. I could not play with them for the pain was just too strong. I would walk a little and then just had to stop.

I felt so bad when I walked with my husband and limped at his side that I didn’t want to go out a lot because I was embarrassed.

But the worst thing that happened to me was that my children were born with the same problem, they were born with hip dysplasia. I felt horrible but one day, like a wonder from God, Doctor Carlos Bernal came to the rescue and with the help of orthopedic diapers the disease was cured. But he also told me that the most important thing to completely change my life would be to get in touch with Dr. Manuel Avila who operated with a wonderful team. I couldn’t believe it, but contacted Doctor Manuel and he told me with a lot of positivism that I would be able to walk well and that the operations would happen in April.

It was a dream come true! When the day finally came my nerves were on edge but I had great faith. I thank God because all turned out well and my surgery was a success!

Everybody treated me with a lot of friendliness and affection and I felt right at home. Thanks for offering so much love.

Today I wish blessings to all that helped by making donations to this wonderful foundation, because it is through them that our life changes forever. It allows us to look at life again with a smile. It is the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me and I know that everybody that was blessed with these operations thank you and wish that God may bless you today, tomorrow and always.

I know that my life will be much better thanks to you and the wonderful team that came to fulfill our dream. It will now be a reality that I can play with my children and husband thanks to you.

You are the best that God put on this earth.

With love, respect and affection,

Lorena Alvarado