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Orthopaedic professionals committed to helping patients with disabling osteoarthritis in developing countries.


Operation Walk International is a traveling not-for-profit organization providing free surgical treatment for patients with disabling arthritis or debilitating bone and joint conditions in developing countries.

Operation Walk International’s Orthopedic surgeons also educate local surgeons, physical therapists and healthcare professionals on the most advanced treatments and surgical techniques for diseases of the hip and knee joints.


The Operation Walk International team has been able to help people suffering from disabling joint & bone disorders and extreme arthritis in Guatemala, Ecuador and Colombia.

From Our Patients

“You have no idea how much good you are doing us by allowing us to live without complications or limitations and be normal people. I thank you so much!”

Mélida Cárdenas

“I am lucky to be blessed with a surgery for hip dysplasia that I will receive for free through Operation Walk. This will change my life of pain, frustration, ailment and limitations so I can live a normal life with my children, family, friends and other people.”

Beatriz Castillo

“The visit of the specialists was full of kindness, affection, patience and gentleness and together with Doctor Manuel Avila they reached out a helping hand and made us believe, feel and realize that gentle and selfless and good hearted humanity exist to help those in need.”

Beatriz Castillo Huanca

"It was a marvellous experience. A unique attention. You all are great human beings. There are no words to describe all the care, the love and compassion with which we were look after."

Aura Del Socorro Betancur

"Thank you Walk International. Without your help, this transformation in my life and in my family would not had been possible."


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