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A Letter from Mélida Cárdenas

Dear Gentlemen,

By means of this letter I would like to express my eternal gratitude for the work that you do.

I might not be able to repay you with all the money in the world but you will receive the blessings of God eternally. Thanks to this I will no longer be discriminated against, like I was since childhood where they would call us things that made us feel really bad. But this operation will allow me to revive my dreams!

You are Heaven sent, the people that donate the money as well as those that come and operate. This is such a humble and selfless act, just like our Lord Jesus Christ, it is so noble of you that it would be wonderful if you could continue to fulfill more dreams. You have no idea how much good you are doing us by allowing us to live without complications or limitations and be normal people. I thank you so much!

You are such wonderful people, with such a big hearts and with that you are saving so many lives, problems of self esteem, and above all dreams. We now have all the tools we need and we know that God only gives the hardest battles to the best soldiers.

Furthermore it has been so gratifying to meet all of you because you treat us so well and with so much warmth and kindness and thanks to that you are new friends to always remember and thank for the rest of our lives.

I thank you with all my heart,


Mélida Cárdenas